CAOS Lecture Series presents: ​Dr. Ian Erkelens: Optometry and Vision Science in Tech R&D

This talk is designed to provide some background and personal insights as Dr. Erkelens review his own journey from an undergraduate science student through to his current role as a vision scientist at Facebook Reality Labs. Attendees will gain an understanding of the unique role that optometry can have in industries that extend beyond the development or delivery of clinical care. Dr. Ian Erkelens graduated from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry program in 2009 and was awarded the L.M. Newell prize for clinical excellence. He went on to provide full-scope optometric care in southern Ontario in a variety of different clinical settings while being an active member of the Ontario Association of Optometrists. In 2014, Dr. Erkelens returned to UWSO to pursue graduate studies under the tutelage of Dr William Bobier with a focus on plasticity within vergence eye movements. Soon after, he joined Dr Benjamin Thompson’s lab at UWSO as a post- doctoral research fellow where he investigated the neurophysiological underpinnings of vergence plasticity with non-invasive brain stimulation techniques. Following this, he took a second post-doctoral position with Facebook Reality Labs Research in Seattle, WA where he worked on optimizing the visual experience of next generation head-mounted display systems.

This event is sponsored by Alcon.

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