CAOS Lecture Series presents: Dr. Kimberly Chan: Social Media for Eye Care Professionals

With the trend of growing social media use and healthcare professionals building their presence on these public platforms, Dr. Kimberly Chan will discuss the approaches and responsibilities that eye care professionals may have when engaging on social media. She will highlight options in appropriately utilizing social media to showcase your professional side, address the benefits, pitfalls, and risks of creating your online brand, and share approaches to maintaining your public image and voice while respecting standards of the profession.

Dr. Chan is a Canadian optometrist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, after graduating from New England College of Optometry. She started sharing content on social media through her professional account @DrKimberlyChan on Instagram in hopes of sharing her passion of optometry with like-minded others, continuing to inspire and mentor those pursuing the same career path and helping to build the community of support among health professionals.

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