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CAOS & UWAIOC Present: Dr Bokinac: Private Practice - Alive and Thriving

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

This lecture covers the topic of what it means to operate an Independent Optometric Practice in 2021. We will cover all of the amazing benefits and reasons to choose this path upon graduation and see if this is right option for you. Dr. Bokinac will also cover different tools and strategies available to help you succeed in independent practice. This lecture will dispel the myth that independent practice is a dying mode of practice, but rather continues to thrive and grow in the face of the changing landscape of optometry.

Dr. Myles Bokinac graduated from UW in 2004 with honors. In 2005, Dr. Bokinac and his wife Dr. Rhea Anderson purchased a solo doctor's practice in Regina, SK. In the years that followed they have transformed the clinic from a single OD office to a leading edge, high-end office with an extraordinary fashion forward dispensary and fully-equipped specialized modern optometric medical clinic with 5 OD's. All if this was done as a stand-alone independent clinic in a city competing with 5 large multi-doctor corporate practices. Dr. Bokinac has also been a member of the Saskatchewan College of Optometrists appraisal committee for 10years. He also founded and continues to run Regina's largest vision therapy clinic - Advance Vision Therapy.

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