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February 2016: Katie-Marie Brown

Katie-Marie Brown is a third year optometry student at MCPHS School of Optometry. Whether you meet her for the first time or bump into her in the hallways, she will always greet you with a smile and a friendly conversation. She is always looking for ways to help ease the transition for students coming into the optometry program.

Since her first year, she has been actively involved in many of the clubs on campus including: Private Practice Club, AOSA, SAAO and SVOSH. On top of all of that, she makes it a priority to attend as many optometry conferences as possible! She eagerly takes what she learns through conferences and focuses on integrating this knowledge back at MCPHS. On top of her busy schedule, Katie-Marie continues to perform exceptionally well in her academics. She is recognized for her academic achievements as a member in the prestigious BSK International Optometry Honor Society. Katie-Marie goes out of her way to support and become a leader in the optometry community at MCPHS. Additionally, she is well-known in the interdisciplinary health programs at MCPHS connecting with students in programs such as Doctor of Pharmacy, Physician Assistants and Dental Hygiene.

Ultimately, Katie-Marie is commended for her passion and dedication for optometry, specifically in vision therapy. She looks forward to working with children of all ages and looks to pursue a residency in pediatrics and vision therapy. In clinic, she always makes the patients feel at ease and takes her time in explaining tests and answering questions they may have. Katie-Marie is admirable for both her caring nature and her cheerful energy that captivates those in her surroundings. She is always looking to make new friends and develop insightful relationships. Don’t hesitate to say hi to her at the next conference! She will welcome you with a contagious smile!

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