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Iris Co-Ownership

The profession of Optometrist has undergone great transformations in recent years, and we will likely see even greater ones in the years to come. As professionals, how do we keep our hands on the wheel of optometry and ensure a future that matches our vision of eye care?

A simple answer is to concretely get involved in the management of optometry clinics - in other words, become an owner. At IRIS, co-owner Optometrists are literally part of our DNA: it is a group of Quebec optometrists and clinic owners who created the IRIS network, which evolved into what it is today. The owners at IRIS have a strong voice in the decisions of the whole group and continue to influence the direction of the network.

Thinking about investing but don't know where to start? IRIS supports co-owners financially as well as by guiding them in learning new management skills. IRIS and its operations team also make sure to support co-owners in tasks for which they are less comfortable or qualified. It's the best of both worlds: being an entrepreneur while being able to focus on what we do best - providing eye health and vision care to our patients! At IRIS, some professionals will choose to become co-owners of several clinics, others will become intensely involved in one place, and still, others will opt for a modest but stimulating involvement - the levels of participation are as varied as there are styles of Optometrists.

Participation in the company on a daily basis also allows you to develop fully professionally. After a few years of practice, routine can creep in, but taking an active part in management decisions makes it possible to develop new skills, take up new challenges and get involved on different levels. In addition, active participation in the business also brings its share of financial benefits! The important growth effect of investing in one or more successful optometry clinics cannot be overlooked. Now it's up to you to imagine what happens next!

Getting involved in an optometry clinic, staying active in the evolution of optometry and flourishing professionally: this is what happens at IRIS!


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