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January 2016: Ahmed Farhat

Ahmed Farhat, is currently a second year optometry student at Inter American School of Optometry. If you’re ever at IAUPR, he’s the guy who wears his Edmonton Oilers gear with pride along with a big smile on his face. Being around Ahmed is never a dull moment, his infectious laugh and sense of humor always energizes the room. Ahmed will never tu rn down a moment to meet new people. His assuring confidence triggers others to gravitate to him in times of need, whether it be to solve an optics problem or change a flat tire, Ahmed is always there when you need help!

Whenever Ahmed is back home in Edmonton, he is volunteering with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and rounding up old glasses and donating them to the local Lions Club. He was also president of the pre-optometry club during his undergrad studies at Grant MacEwan University. Ahmed being the youngest in his class at 22 years of age, has been involved in several school activities. Being on the committee for the IAUPR Sports Vision Club, he has organized intramural activities and tutorial sessions on the use of sports vision-related equipment. He is also recognized as one of the 2nd year representatives for the Canadian Association of Optometry Students in Puerto Rico, integrating Canadian culture miles away such as being a co-host for a successful Canadian Thanksgiving dinner in which the student body also participated in and helped in setting up the Canadian booth for IAUPR’s Optometry Around the World. Ahmed’s passion for optometry followed him to Puerto Rico, he is always excited about new events and organizations in the optometric field and he has even participated in the help for equal licensure for optometrists in Puerto Rico.

Ahmed’s heart is constantly being filled with the memories made in Puerto Rico as he is absorbing and embracing the continuous education that is making his dreams become more of a reality with every day that passes by. What will Ahmed do next with this drive and passion? Guess we’re going to have to wait and see!


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