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January 2017: Aleena Ayaz & Zain Abbas

Aleena Ayaz and Zain Abbas are second year students at the aaInter American University of Puerto Rico, School of Optometry. Aleena and Zain are actively involved in various extra-curricular roles at the school, along with maintaining excellent academic standing and being newlyweds!

Aleena and Zain completed their Bachelor of Science degree at the Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. Always having a passion for serving the community, they both volunteered throughout their undergraduate career in their hometown. Specifically, they worked with the Hospital Elderly Life Program (HELP) with Alzheimer and elderly patients. They also volunteered in the local community/religious centers by holding vision screenings.

In his first year of Optometry School, Zain received the award for Outstanding Academic Performance. Along with excelling academically, Zain is an active member of the Lion’s club, participating at local visions screenings. Him and Aleena both serve as mentors in the mentorship program for the incoming class as well as hold tutoring sessions for the underclassmen. In addition, Aleena holds the title of Vice President for the VOSH club at our school, working within the community to organize screenings and mission trips. This past fall, Aleena was part of a team that organized and took part in a 3-day aabmission trip to the island of Vieques. She is also an active member of other service based clubs at the school like The Lions Club.

Along with outstanding academic careers, this power couple already knows a little bit about maintaining a work-life balance. They plan on returning to their hometown, Calgary, to practice and settle down after graduation.


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