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July 2017: Mohammed Jomha

Mohammed Jomha, from the Illinois College of Optometry’s Class of 2018, has been proudly selected as the Student Doctor of the Month for July. Since moving from Edmonton, Alberta to Chicago, Illinois, Moe has made it a known goal to positively contribute to ICO and the field of Optometry through extensive involvement, service, professionalism, and leadership roles.

Moe’s signature smile and charming character is one recognised easily not only at ICO, but likely abroad as well.

He has presented as an ICO representative for the Admissions Committee at multiple undergraduate universities around his hometown of Edmonton. He has helped to directly introduce the field of Optometry, and ICO’s mission to provide eye care to underserved communities and to undergraduate students. Furthermore, he has been a constant presence at international Optometry conferences including Optometry’s Meeting in both Boston and Washington, D.C., Vision Expo West, Academic Academy of Optometry Meeting, and the Student Optometric Leadership Network (SOLN). At the 2017 Optometry’s Meeting, Moe and his project partner won the 2nd Place prize i

Walmart’s Project Foresight scholarship competition to develop and implement a new creative business model into Walmart Vision Centers. His model strove to embrace the idea of “Pure Optometry.” It enables Walmart Vision Centers to provide vision therapy and vision rehabilitation by embracing a multi-disciplinary dynamic practice model. By simply providing convenient access to these optometric procedures, Moe aimed to ensure that patients may “live life to the fullest.” We are very proud his innovation has gained recognition by the Walmart optometric and pharmaceutical district, and regional directors. Moe has always put in great effort to promote both Optometry and ICO to the public eye

At ICO, Moe has never shied away from helping his peers and pursuing leadership roles.

He was active in the Orientation Team to welcome ICO’s incoming first years and acted as a teaching assistant and tutor for multiple courses to further mentor other students. His athletic skills are well known as Moe has proven his Canadian roots by winning the Intramural Ball Hockey Championship twice. Moe’s academic career also shows his great work ethic. Together with Dr. Eric Mothersbaugh, he and other colleagues conducted a case report to analyse the prevention of diabetic retinopathy through better patient education methods. Adding even further to his profile, Moe worked his way up from First Year Class Representative of the ICO Private Practice Club (PPC), to President, and now as the Presidential Advisor. The PPC’s mission is to educate and provide opportunities for students at ICO who are interested in private practice Optometry, and recently won an award from SOLN. Moe will continue to work with SOLN as an elected board member, working closely with colleagues to cultivate leaders in private practice Optometry. We look forward to seeing Moe pursue further leadership roles and gaining more success.

Moe has said that the mantra, “Surround yourself with people who are on the same mission as you” has encompassed his attitude over the past three years of his life at ICO. Like all leaders, he sometimes found it difficult to juggle school with extracurricular activities. Moe thanks his network and peers for empowering him to work hard and achieve his goals each time, saying the key is to keep company with people who are uplifting and strive to advance the profession of Optometry.

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