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March 2016: Vivien Yip

Vivien Yip is a 4th year student at Illinois College of Optometry. She grew up in the Greater Toronto Area and attended Waterloo University for her undergraduate studies. Vivien deserves to be CAOS Student Doctor of the Month for countless reasons, however her contributions to the AOSA at ICO and nationally are the main reason. She took the role of AOSA Trustee at Illinois College of Optometry and completely reshaped the organization at our institution by adding different positions and creating new fundraisers such as “Dining in the Dark” for World Sight Day and “The Men of ICO Calendar.”

Vivien has a positive attitude that is known beyond the walls of ICO, anytime you meet a student at a conference and mention that you are from ICO they will ask if you know Viv. Vivien has also created tremendous relationships with industry professionals with her networking skills and contributions to optometric magazines and blogs.

Vivien plans on completing a residency in low vision upon graduation. Her future plan includes work with VOSH and to provide eye exams to third world countries with her classmates. Vivien is fluent in Cantonese and plans to educate the Chinese community on ocular health. She has a passion for private practice and hopes to open her own office in addition to working with low vision patients part time.


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