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May 2021: Matthew McCourt

The Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS) is excited to announce the Student Doctor of the Month for May 2021, Matthew McCourt from the Arizona College of Optometry at Midwestern University!

Matthew McCourt is a 3rd year student from Drayton Valley, Alberta who discovered his passion for optometry as an undergraduate student. Matt is no stranger to traveling long distances to pursue his education, traveling east to Nova Scotia to attend St. Francis Xavier University in 2014. Moving internationally to Arizona to study optometry was a natural next step for Matt.

In addition to performing at an exemplary level in his didactic career, Matt demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to his patients in clinic and to the field of optometry as a whole. Matt consistently seeks to further his knowledge of optometry by reaching out to professors and clinical advisors to delve deeper into concepts that he wants to understand further. He actively consults with doctors of different optometric specialities, as well as with ophthalmology, to improve his clinical analysis and skills to provide the best care to the patients he sees at the MWU Eye Institute, beyond the level that is expected of a typical 3rd year student. A notably challenging case involved a patient with a severe Morgagnian cataract, which led to extensive specialty testing and co-management with ophthalmology. Matt navigated this case smoothly, leaving the patient assured and confident in his student doctor’s abilities. Patients notice his efforts and always leave the clinic feeling satisfied with the time he dedicates to providing top tier care and patient education.

In addition to being the current treasurer of AZCOPT’s chapter of CAOS, Matt is also involved in the Sport’s Vision, Vision Therapy, Low Vision, Contact Lens, and Christian clubs as a member. Matt is committed to broadening his knowledge of the various specialized areas of optometry before his 4th year rotations and a possible residency position following graduation.


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