UW Mentorship: Dr. Banducci & Associates

Authors: Jyotika Bedi, Natalia Fong, Katherine French & Diana Nguyen

Nestled in the heart of Mississauga, Dr. Banducci & Associates’ practice impressed us with its up-to-date technology, trendy optical boutique, and clever use of space. Immediately, we were welcomed by Dr. Banducci with his warm smile and kind gestures. He insisted us to ask him as many questions as possible and he was very honest with his answers. We started off asking him how he went from engineering to optometry. His journey was inspiring since he was married with a family at that time. Dr. Banducci also told us his pathway to joining a practice and then preparing to own an eye clinic. His personal experiences about business in optometry was extremely valuable and each one of us gained beneficial knowledge that night.

In addition, it was eye-opening to see how much thought and creativity went into designing each square inch, with the layout carefully arranged to optimize patient flow and staff efficiency. There was even an innovative use of a two-way mirror, which gave the staff privacy to do their work, while allowing them to still keep an eye on what was happening in the dispensary. This gave us all lots of new and innovative ideas to take with us!

In the evening we continued our discussion of practice management issues in optometry over dinner at Boston Pizza. Meeting with Dr. Banducci as a group not only allowed us to learn from each other’s questions and ideas but also enjoy a great dinner with a great company of colleagues. Hearing other students speak about their passions about optometry really demonstrated the wide diversity present in the profession. It was interesting to learn about the different experiences students have had in their journeys thus far through work, volunteer, and shadowing opportunities. Thank you so much Dr. Banducci for the amazing opportunity! Look forward to another CAOS Mentorship visit next year!

Insightful conversation on the future of Optometry over a delicious dinner. Pictured left from front to back; Natalia Fong (3rd Year), Diana Nguyen (1st Year) & Jyotika Bedi (2nd Year) and on right; Dr. Banducci & Katherine French (2nd Year).

A visit to Dr. Michael Banducci & Associates practice. Pictured from left to right: Katherine French (2nd Year), Jyotika Bedi (2nd Year), Dr. Banducci, Diana Nguyen (1st Year) & Natalia Fong (3rd Year).

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