UW Mentorship: Dr. Dennis and Dr. Wong

Authors: Terynn Chan & Katy Tan, Pacific University College of Optometry

Recently my classmate Katy Tan and I from Pacific University College of Optometry were given the opportunity to attend CAOS mentorship visit with two FYidoctors: Dr. Tony Wong and Dr. Talisa Dennis in Burnaby, BC. We were given a tour of their clinic and then had a discussion over dinner about their clinic and optometry in general. In their clinic we learned about a Canadian questionnaire used in prescreening patients who have dry eyes. If patients were suspected to have dry eye issues we were shown how newer technology like the TearLab test can aid in diagnosis and monitoring through the testing of tear osmolarity. Over dinner we learned about how the FYidoctors company is organized and how they strive to provide the best care for their patients. It was interesting to hear the opinions from each doctor as they were in different points of their career. Dr. Dennis was a recent graduate while Dr. Wong had been practicing for many years. Though both of us attend an American optometry school, we both hope to come back to Vancouver, BC to practice and it was great to learn more about the profession in Canada. Everyone at the clinic was friendly and overall the visit was a very educational and positive experience.