November 2015: Evelyn Lo

Pacific University College of Optometry (PUCO) would not be the same without Evelyn. She has been a Student Ambassador since her first year at Pacific, participating in various interview days, leading campus tours for applicants and offering advice to prospective PUCO students. As a member of the Admissions Committee at PUCO, Evelyn participates in the selection of candidates for the program alongside multiple PUCO faculty members.

Evelyn is most recognized for her work with NOSA (National Optometric Student Association) and the Community Outreach Program within PUCO. As President of NOSA, Evelyn has established patient education booths at many vision screenings for the underserved and minority patient populations to receive proper education on their ocular health that they may otherwise not obtain. She has also participated in countless screenings focusing on underprivileged populations including patients who are homeless or do not have adequate access to healthcare. In addition, she works with our Outreach Coordinator, Dr. Sarah Martin, on fundraising for our beloved mobile EyeVan and for the optometric equipment needed for mobile vision screenings, in hopes of increasing future access to ocular health education. On top of all this, Evelyn tutors first year Neuroanatomy and is eager to help first and second year students in lectures and labs.

Although Evelyn is soft-spoken, her laugh is infectious along with her positive attitude and happiness which influences all of those around her. Her close friends speak highly of her and praise her on her dependability, her leadership and her work ethic. Outside of optometry, Evelyn loves badminton, is a self-proclaimed foodie and has an absolute love for Lego. She has the ability to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable and is never afraid to learn something new or find something else to challenge her. Evelyn is an amazing clinician, forming wonderful connections with every single one of her patients and will be a caring and compassionate optometrist. PUCO would not be the same without Evelyn and we are so happy that Evelyn decided to call Pacific her home!

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