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October 2015: Mylène Desjardins

The Student Doctor of the Month for October is an assiduous, generous, and artistic fourth year student at Université de Montréal, Mylène Desjardins. If you were to ask any student or faculty member, they would have only positive and admirable words to say about this small-town girl from Drummond, New-Brunswick. Mylène is outstanding, not only for her lovely personality, but for her involvement in the university community and in the profession of optometry throughout her years of study. Mylène was an AOSA trustee for two years in a row and she now holds the title of secretary of the Optometry Students’ Association at UdeM. During her mandate as AOSA trustee, Mylène produced an informative video about the University of Montreal’s School of Optometry (link to the video is at the end if you want to check it out!). Mylène proudly represented UdeM in the 2015 Student Bowl Quiz competition at the Optometry’s Meeting in Seattle. Though she may not have won first prize, she definitely won the crowd over with her contagious smile!

Mylène’s acts of engagement are numerous, but here are a few highlights: she was part of the UdeM fundraising committee for the Optometry Giving Sight Day Challenge in 2013, she is currently working on a research project related to binocular vision vergence training system for kids, and she is presently an auxiliary lab teacher for the 1st year’s 1.1 Optometry Lab as well. Her dedication to the study of optometry not only fostered her own growth within the industry, but also made her the worthy recipient of the 2014 J. Pat Cummings Scholarship, amongst other prizes and recognitions.

Not surprisingly, Mylène Desjardins is more than just an excellent student. When not studying or working in the field of optometry, Mylène also happens to be a wedding singer. She is classically trained in opera and has competed in classical music competitions in New Brunswick as well! She has even dedicated her time, three years in a row, to participate in The OptoShow, an annual musical fundraising production coordinated and presented by optometry students.

CAOS would like to thank Mylène for her ongoing dedication to helping and inspiring others. Being nominated as Student Doctor of the Month is only a small recognition of this amazing person in comparison to her work. We wish her the best of luck for the 4th and final year of her program and all of her future endeavours!

Follow this link to check out the video that Mylène produced for University of Montreal’s Optometry School:


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