Optometrist - Moncton, NB

Off the Wall Eyewear Emporium

331 Elmwood Dr., Moncton NB

Job Type: Full Time

Independent, super busy, and a very cool eyewear shop is looking for a rad smarty-pants Optometrist to join our funky family out here on the East Coast of Canada.

The mansions on the ocean are VERY affordable, maritimers are overly friendly, lock-downs are scarce here, and one of the best parts - your rent will be free-for-life at our stores! One of the top questions we get asked daily is "Do you have a good eye doctor?" Sadly, we don't have thee perfect in-house eye doctor and we have been soul searching for you.

Our customers are so awesome, young and young-at-heart, adventurous, and willing to drive hours just to see us. They want CANADIAN products (which we have plenty of) and they want honest & educated service (Yup, we have that too) AND they love expressing themselves with unique eyewear and latest advancements.

Think you have the right beans to work with us and help shape the eyewear industry in Atlantic Canada?

We have two trendy shops in Moncton, New Brunswick with eager plans to expand to a third store this year. You will have a team of flipping amazing opticians that love what they do and are willing to feed you lattes and fiddleheads (maybe lobster if you don't fancy fiddleheads).

You will have over 1000sq.ft to yourself. You can mold it and shape it to your liking (cause right now it is just walls/doors/floors - kinda boring) Do you have a dog/parrot/lizard/pig? It's a must, because WE bring our pets to work. Do you love rock n roll and blues music? that is what is played at our stores. Do you have an undying love to stay up-to-date with all things eyes and a strong need to help wonderful people with their vision care? If you said "YES" to all these questions, you are our perfect Optometrist and we sooo want you!

Send us an email and let's chat over video with a latte/lobster/fiddleheads....you get what we mean.


Off the Wall Eyewear Emporium

331 Elmwood Drive and 1633 Mountain Road, Moncton NB

(506) 855-6933 / 384-6933

(ask for Jen or Steve)