September 2015: Luisa Lee

Although she shies away from the spotlight, Luisa is commonly the center to many spokes that depend on her. These projects often rely on her artistic and creative talents. What is unique about Luisa’s artistic talents are that she is always using them to help others, while never asking for any recognition.

As a third year student doctor of optometry at the University of Waterloo, Luisa is involved with many activities and projects that included: being a Green/environmental representative for UWOSS, the optometry yearbook editor and also an active member within intramural sports.

Amidst from these commitments, Luisa finds time to share her gifts of art with others. She has worked with others to share artwork to fund raise money for Brain Awareness Week Brain at the Mental Health Art Show in Ottawa, Ontario. Luisa has also contributed many works to her class of 2017 at University of Waterloo. They have been lucky to receive their class logo which was also designed by her. The “Scleradactyls”, the name of the 2017 class, proudly wear their logo on their jerseys which lead them to their second consecutive victory at the Corneal Cup Hockey Tournament at UW. Furthermore, she even designed individual hockey cards for each of her classmates to rally support and to unite their team. It’s obvious that Luisa’s art is more than just imagination and creativity; but is an extension of her charitable character that inspires and unites others.

In the summer of 2015, Luisa spent part of her summer travelling. Even while travelling, she set out to design a new logo to help bring the Canadian Association of Optometry Students into the 21st century. CAOS would like to thank Luisa for supporting the association with her hard work and would like to recognize her as the first Student Doctor of Optometry of the Month. Luisa’s work within optometry is not only inspirational, but exemplifies the hard work and dedication of an exceptional student doctor of optometry. Thank you Luisa