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Target Dry Eyes with Omega-3s

Dry eye syndrome can occur for several reasons including decreased tear production resulting in

insufficient lubrications of the eyes. A variety of factors can contribute to your patient’s dry eyes such as age, allergies, and medical conditions.

While chronic dry eye syndrome can be difficult to manage, effective first line treatment options include eye drops, lifestyle changes, and essential fatty acids.

The National Dry Eye Disease Guidelines for Canadian Optometrists lists omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and omega-6 GLA as a long-term management strategy for chronic dry eye syndrome.

NutraSea Dry Eye Targeted Omega-3 is formulated with EPA, DHA and omega-6 GLA to help improve symptoms of dry eyes, including support for proper tear function. It’s available in a great tasting liquid and soft gel format, plus our products are PureCheck verifiable so you’ll know that when you recommend NutraSea products to your patients that they meet industry standards.


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