UW Mentorship: Dr. Banh

Authors: Rahul Joshi, Uyen Nguyen-Le, Elinor Goldhar, Supan Parikh & Rosa Yang

It was an amazing experience to get to see Dr. Vi Tu Banh’s practice in Uxbridge. After giving us a thorough tour of his practice, he sat with us for a few hours discussing his personal experience in this profession. Dr. Banh discussed both his successes and challenges that he came across and provided tips on how we can better tackle them. He also explained how a normal day in his practice is, and how his staff and himself delegate tasks so that the best care is provided to his patients. He was also not afraid to show us some of the behind the scenes of his practice, such as his revenue earned and how his office sets monthly goals, something that many doctors would not share with students. Dr. Banh believes in complete transparency with his staff and believes that this only strengthens the team.

Dr. Banh emphasized the importance of following our “why” and to never let go of that passion that sparked our interest into Optometry. His message was very inspiring and reminded us of the real reason why we chose Optometry as our profession.

He sent us away with the book that began his journey. This mentorship experience was an amazing opportunity for all of us to get to know Dr. Banh at a more personal level. He is definitely a role model that we all look up to!

Dr. Vi Tu Banh (on left) welcomes optometry students (from left to right), Rahul Joshi (2nd year), Uyen Nguyen-Le (1st year), Supan Parikh (3rd year), Rosa Yang (2nd year) & Elinor Goldhar (1st year) to his optometry practice in Uxbridge, Ontario. (Photo Credit: Dr. Vi Tu Banh Optometry Professional Corporation).

Optometry students touring Dr. Banh’s beautiful optical dispensary. (Photo Credit: Rahul Joshi).

Optometry students, Uyen Nguyen-Le, Elinor Goldhar and Rosa Yang enjoy trying on the latest frames and eyeware carried by Dr. Vi Tu Banh. (Photo Credit: Rahul Joshi).

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