UW Mentorship : Dr. Chan

Vanessa Tsui, Katelyn Tsang, Bethany Lo, Dr. Cheung (we weren’t able to get a picture with Dr. Chan as he was with a patient)

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Chan Optometry in Markham, Ontario. Dr. Chan showed us around his office, then we went for lunch along with his associate, Dr. Cheung. Both Dr. Chan and Dr. Cheung were very kind and encouraged us to ask as many questions as possible.

We learned about why Dr. Chan decided to open up his own practice shortly after graduating and how he dealt with the transition from school to private practice. Since Dr. Chan was a student at the Illinois College of Optometry, he spoke about the differences between attending optometry school in Canada versus the United States. He also explained why he decided to open up his own practice. Dr. Cheung, a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo shared his Waterloo experiences with us and discussed his decision to become an associate optometrist.

Dr. Chan spoke to us about the importance of specialization in the field and strongly suggested applying for residencies. He also discussed using multilingualism to your advantage when choosing a location of practice. For instance, his ability to speak both English and Cantonese is very useful when communicating with his patients since his practice is located in the heart of Markham.

We found it surprising to see that Dr. Chan chooses not to dispense glasses in his practice as he did not feel that it had an inherent benefit due to locally available alternatives.

Overall, the visit to Dr. Chan’s office opened our eyes to the possibilities available after practice and the important decisions that need to be made with regards to aspects such as location of practice, business partnership and dispensing.