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UW Mentorship: Dr. Cheryl Letheren

Written by: May Zhao, Amanda Leong, Saba Haroon (1st years)

We had the pleasure of shadowing Dr. Cheryl Letheren. This was a very enjoyable and informative experience, and we’re so grateful to Dr. Letheren for welcoming us into her beautiful office (which is filled with fascinating eye-themed artwork!).

Dr. Letheren and her team showed us around her office, explained some of the optometric technology to us, demonstrated an OCT scan, and took us out to a delicious dinner. She also gave us plenty of advice on how to navigate the field of optometry as new graduates. She suggested some strategies for avoiding burn-out and maintaining a healthy work-life balance such as engaging in hobbies, taking breaks, and setting realistic expectations.

Dr. Letheren is an accomplished optometrist who has worked hard to build the optometric practice of her dreams (and she's continuing to expand her practice still), and who is now a leading optometrist in the London, ON area. We learned a lot from our time spent with Dr. Letheren, and we'll certainly apply what we learned to our future practice.


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