UW Mentorship: Dr. Chung

Dr. Chung has a very outgoing and approachable personality that created an extremely comfortable environment for us to ask any questions regarding optometry as a career, what to expect after graduating, and what running one’s own clinic is like. Dr. Chung has many Kodak Lens Vision Care locations, and the one we visited was in Etobicoke. She has a special partnership with Kodak Lens, which make her clinics unique as they do not follow the typical arrangements we are used to seeing in Canada.

Dr. Chung highlighted the importance of management in the field of optometry, and the various challenges she encounters as a business owner and a practicing optometrist. She shared with us what she looks for when hiring new grad associates and what sets each individual candidate apart, despite receiving the same education. Hearing Dr. Chung’s perspective was very valuable and enriching, and is something we will keep in mind during our time in school.

While talking and listening to Dr. Chung, it was evident that she prioritizes making her associates and staff feel like they belong to a large family – something that contributes and encourages a cohesive working environment. This priority also extends to her patients as she values making meaningful relationships with them. She is very passionate about providing high quality care, and even offers late hours and appointments seven days a week to accommodate her patients’ busy schedules. Seeing how devoted Dr. Chung is to optometry as a profession was very refreshing and makes us very eager to treat patients of our own in the future.

We thank Dr. Chung for taking time out of her busy schedule to meet with us. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed this experience and feel like we learned a lot about the different aspects of optometry, which will help us in the future with our professional development.

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