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UW Mentorship: Dr. Chung

Written by: Amy Wang and Wincy Chung

We had the pleasure of meeting our mentor, Dr. Chung, at Kodak Lens Harwood Eyecare in Ajax. Upon meeting her, we immediately felt comfortable asking her anything, from current issues in the optometric profession to finding a work-life balance during our schooling.

During our talk, Dr. Chung emphasized the importance of providing the best care for your patients. This entails competence within the scope of optometry and prioritizing the patients’ health while meeting their refractive needs. Through her answers, it was evident that she is passionate about her career as well as providing the best care for her patients.

We appreciated how honest and open Dr. Chung was during our whole experience. As we progress through our training and our own optometric journey, we will keep her guidance in mind. Thanks again to Dr. Chung for taking time out of her day to impart us with not only professional advice, but life advice as well!


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