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UW Mentorship: Dr. Dean Nisbett

Written by Vaness Ho, Hajra Naeem, & Melissa Macdonald

Through our virtual mentorship program, we had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Dean Nisbett. We had the pleasure of learning about his experiences in private practice in rural areas, and his interest in vision therapy. Dr. Nisbett shared many interesting cases about patients who require vision training as a result of strabismus, concussions, and etc. He showed us various resources that may be useful in vision therapy, such as the visual alising test and the primitive reflex questionnaire. It was also very interesting to hear how he went from traditional optometry to developmental optometry. His passion for vision therapy is truly inspiring!

He also spoke about the benefits of practicing rurally and important things to consider when looking for a job as a new graduate which is highly beneficial as many of us will be seeking employment within the next few years.

Lastly, we would like to say a huge thank you to Dr. Nisbett for taking the time to share his enlightening experiences with us and for welcoming us to shadow him at his clinic in the near future.


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