UW Mentorship: Dr. DiBerardino

Authors: Shayna Tailor, Paula Romero, Matthew Czikk, Komal Patel

Visiting Dr. DiBerardino at the Orangeville Optometric Centre was a fantastic experience! Dr. DiBerardino turned a home into a large, twenty person staff, five doctor clinic. We were given a comprehensive tour of his practice and learned about all of the latest technology and services he provides for his patients.

Dr. DiBerardino provided insight on the extensive logistics that come with running a multi-doctor, dispensing clinic. The routing system in place is essential for a practice of this size, helping with time efficiency due to the large number of patients attending the clinic at a time. Part of this system also allows patients the opportunity to browse the impressive optical while they wait.

The dispensary was definitely a highlight of the tour. The shear size of the optical, including the wide selection of frames and the innovative lens technology was remarkable. It was especially interesting to try out their Visioffice machine, used in designing custom lenses for patients. Furthermore, having their own machines to edge lenses in house also allows for a very quick turnaround time for patients’ glasses.

We were also able to hear about Dr. DiBerardino’s journey from starting as an OD in Toronto, to moving to Orangeville, becoming an associate at a practice, and eventually opening up his current clinic. Dr. DiBerardino recently opened up another clinic in Maple and continues to grow his practices.

When asked about the best piece of advice he could give to us students, Dr. DiBerardino said to always stay true to yourself. He provided that being content with how you want to practice optometry and having integrity in everything you do is very important. Dr. DiBerardino provided many insightful pieces of advice that we will definitely carry with us in our futures. A great thank you to Dr. DiBerardino and the Orangeville Optometric Centre staff!

Left to right: Shayna Tailor (1st year), Paula Romero (3rd year), Matthew Czikk (2nd year), Komal Patel (2nd year)

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