UW Mentorship: Dr. DiBernardo

Authors: Eli Goldhar, Cindy Nguyen, Senuri Aponso, Sabrina Hajo

On this chilly evening after a long day of classes, we made the trip to the Orangeville Optometric Centre. Upon entering this seemingly quaint brick building, were welcomed with open arms and big smiles from Dr. DiBernardo, Dr. Leblanc, and Dr. Patel – three of the nine doctors that worked at this clinic. We were taken aback by the bright and modern interior, and were in awe as they gave us a tour of their office. With every turn of the corner, we began to appreciate not only the size of the clinic, but how well-thought out the layout was. The patient’s perspective was at the core of the design of the practice and the patient’s visit to ensure that their time was used effectively. We thought it was especially innovative separating the phones from the front desk to ensure that no phone calls interrupted their patient interactions. The clinic also had staff dedicated to further explaining diagnoses and treatments to patients, since it is sometimes easier for patients to connect with and understand other staff relative to optometrists.

Dr. DiBernardo prides himself on staying current, and offering patients different diagnostic and treatment tools, such as the OptoMap, OCT, LipiFlow for dry eye! He also showed us a new addition to the clinic – a Vision Therapy centre that was spearheaded by Dr. Patel.

After taking a tour of the clinic, we went out to dinner with Dr. DiBernardo and Dr. Leblanc. During dinner, Dr. DiBernardo stressed the importance of working on his practice in addition to working in it. He highlighted that it was necessary to spend time developing and updating his practice to get it to its current state. Aside from this advice he also encouraged us to work in a practice that we enjoyed working in, and to prioritize our interests over monetary gain.

We thoroughly enjoyed our mentorship visit here. Thank you Dr. DiBernardo and CAOS!

Sabrina (1st year), Eli (3rd year), Cindy (2nd year), Senuri (1st year), Dr. DiBernardo, Dr. Leblanc