UW Mentorship: Dr. Dolman

Authors: Stephan Jaworsky, Elyse Holmes, Brandon Bzovey, Sarah Oh, Kristine Massicotte, Frances Hehl

The visit to Dr. Dolman’s practice was insightful and motivating. Dr. Dolman warmly invited us into his beautiful office in New Hamburg (Dolman Eye Care), which he renovated 7 years ago with his wife, Kimberly, who is also an optometrist and business partner. The design of the office was exquisite with stone and wood accents, high tech equipment, and a large boutique optical. He walked us through the clinic as a patient would experience it to practically demonstrate how an eye exam is done in his office from beginning to end. It is evident that his practice is designed to make the patient experience comfortable and enjoyable, and to ensure that they receive top quality care. Moreover, he highly values his staff and associates, and aims to create a harmonious work culture, which seems to be one of the keys to his success. His practice is busy and financially successful, but his first priority is clearly the people and patients, not revenue. He happily answered all of our questions, gave us tips and tricks to improve our clinical skills, and gave us an honest and insightful perspective on the numerous aspects of being a business owner. He graciously took us out for a delicious dinner at Veloce, where he shared both his successes and his perceived failures, which have both helped him to grow. We thoroughly enjoyed getting an inside look at how a successful optometric practice runs, and left feeling newly invigorated and motivated to tackle the books and become excellent optometrists once we graduate. We really enjoyed walking through the clinic as a patient to see how eye exam is completely in his office from beginning to end. It was a great experience which added to both our clinical and professional development skills. Thank you, Dr. Dolman, for your pearls of wisdom and for exemplifying what a first-rate optometrist looks like!

Stephan Jaworsky (2nd Year), Elyse Holmes (2nd Year), Brandon Bzovey (3rd Year), Dr. Howard Dolman, Sarah Oh (3rd Year), Kristine Massicotte (3rd Year), Frances Hehl (1st Year).