UW Mentorship: Dr. Dolman

Authors: Emily Finlayson, Angeline Hong, Sharon Kang, Lauren Lai, Jasper Wong

Office Tour:

Dr. Dolman’s office is one of the biggest optometric offices I have ever seen, with five exam lanes working at any given time, a novel vision therapy office, and a large dispensary. He was very informative of the clinic’s history and how they have improved, developed, and expanded their practice over the years. From the nitty gritty details of patient flow and EMR software to the big changes like their new OCT with angiography capabilities which eliminates the need for intravascular dyes and their on-site vision therapy office, Dr. Dolman enlightened us with the practicalities of running an optometric office and what it means to provide quality patient care. The whole office often hosts social events after-hours which focuses on including patients and making them feel celebrated and taken care of. Not only do they have an active presence within the community through these events, but also online through various social media. I would attribute their great success to their elaborate equipment, efficient patient flow, great staff, and most importantly, their admirable attitude towards patients and the career itself.

Lauren (2nd year), Angeline (2nd year), Jasper (1st year), Sharon (1st year), Emily (3rd year), Dr. Dolman


Dr. Dolman brought us on a lovely dinner where he answered our wide variety of questions and gave us very sincere advice. He shared insightful tips on working with a large staff, keeping members happy, and dealing with mishaps as they come along. He also had many humorous clinical anecdotes, gave us his insight on the world of corporate optometry, and really took the time to get to know each of us personally. Dr. Dolman was interested in both what we enjoy about the program, as well as the challenges we face; it was exciting to compare how things have changed or are even still relatable to when he was in school!