UW Mentorship: Dr. Dolman

Katie Stewart (1st year), Katrina Li (2nd year), Alicia Macmillan (2nd year), and Tanisha Lutz (2nd year) had the opportunity to visit Dr. Howard Dolman at Dolman Eyecare Centre in New Hamburg. Dr. Howard Dolman and his wife, Dr. Kimberly Dolman are both optometrists at the practice. Dr. H. Dolman was so excited to show us around his practice. He provided a lot of insight of what goes into running a private practice. We had a lot of great discussions including buying groups, practice management, staffing, flow of the office and current equipment and advances in Optometry!

There were a few specific tips and pieces of advice that the students took away from Dr. Dolman. These included using a pager system to communicate with staff faster in order to give the patient a better experience. Also, Dr. Dolman showed us how to properly place and organize frames in a dispensary (smaller to larger, lighter to darker) to make the display more visually appealing.

Overall, it was a great learning experience and very insightful to see how different practices are managed!