UW Mentorship: Dr. Echharam and Dr. Ramdass

Left to right: Eric Leung (2nd year), Dr. Ramdass, Angeline Hong (3rd year), Dr. Echharam, Nuri Kim (2nd year)

North Toronto Medical Optometry and Vision Care was distinct from the regular optometric offices as it had no dispensary in the office. Instead, it was heavily focused on diagnosis, management, and treatment of ocular diseases including dry eye.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the friendly front desk staff with a smile. Dr. Ramdass has done a residency in contact lenses and is well versed in specialty contacts such as scleral lenses. We discussed how she found Dr. Echharam’s office to be a perfect fit for her career, as she would like to utilize her skills in specialty contacts in the practice. It was very interesting to see the latest diagnostic technology and treatment products, such as a Lipiscan device that takes images of the meibomian glands, Lipiflow for treatment of MGD, and a diagnostic device that has a wide array of functions all in one such as keratometer, refraction, fundus photo, and others. Dr. Echharam and Dr. Ramdass also showed us how to use the autorefractor and found this tool to be very useful in reducing the amount of time of the examination. They also emphasized the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words, and so the office is also equipped with a slit lamp camera to demonstrate to patients what we see and how the ocular condition manifests itself. Dr. Echharam showed us a few before-and-after photos of patients with ocular rosacea who underwent dry eye treatments at her office. We also discussed other new technology in the market such as IPL devices that the office will soon have. Furthermore, Dr. Echharam highlighted the importance of office setup to optimize patient comfort – for example, the windows separating the IPL room and waiting area need to be frosted as the IPL shoots out very bright light that could disturb patients in the waiting area.

After a tour of the clinic we went downstairs to grab a bite at Whole Foods. We discussed a plethora of topics, ranging from the future of optometry such as specialties in optometry, to practice management regarding staff, associates, cost-sharing partners, and ownership. Dr. Echharam gave us advice on talking to reps when purchasing and installing equipment/software and the importance of going to trade-shows to stay up to date on new equipment out on the market.

Visiting North Toronto Medical Optometry and Vision Care was very valuable and unforgettable. We genuinely appreciate Dr. Echharam and Dr. Ramdass for taking their time to share their knowledge and experience with us!

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