UW Mentorship: Dr. Epstein

Authors: Gabriela Camorlinga, Yehia Jadayel, Morgan Jackson, Jonathan Niavis & Jessica Prendergast

I had a great experience meeting Dr. Justin Epstein with my group! Over dinner, he shared with us stories of his experiences through optometry school at NECO and his professional life in Canada post-grad, as well openly answering any questions we had. We discussed his experience with Canadian Board Exams (as an American optometry school graduate), fourth-year clinical rotations, and even his advice on how to enjoy life as a student. Since graduation, Dr. Epstein has worked in a few different practices across Canada and explained that you may need to experience a variety of markets and settings until you find what works best for you as an optometrist. It is difficult to know exactly what you want when you graduate, and what you want may change as you gain career experience. We also discussed the pros and cons of an optometry residency in Canada, integrating things like vision therapy and low vision treatment into your practice, working as an associate or an owner of a practice, and how to get the most out of continuing education courses. Overall, a fun evening and a candid insight into our profession. Thanks, CAOS! – Jessica Prendergast

Optometry students, from left, Yehia Jadayel (3rd year), Gabriela Camorlinga (2nd year), Morgan Jackson (1st year), Jessica Prendergast (3rd year) & Jonathan Niavis (2nd year) pose for a group photo after their Mentorship visit with Dr. Epstein in Burlington, Ontario on January 16th, 2017