UW Mentorship: Dr. Fretz

Authors: Justine Harris, Stuart Bennett, Anthony Mok, Angeline Hong & Nicole Maione

Our group would like to thank Dr. Betty Fretz, Dr. Janprett Bedi, and the staff at Listowel Vision Care for a wonderful and very welcoming mentorship experience. It was inspiring to see how this small town optometry practice was run and to gain an understanding of what life as an optometrist might look like. The clinic is without a doubt equipped with all the latest optometric equipment, is accessible to all patients and offers every realm of eye care possible. Walking into the clinic, the first thing that caught our eye was the brightly colored doors to each exam room which were not only beautiful but also served a practical purpose for patients with visual impairment and brain injury. We were blown away by the amount of advanced equipment available as there are several visual field tests, OCTs, and an OptoMap which we were lucky enough to test out ourselves! Dr. Fretz offers everything from eye examinations, spectacles, contact lenses, and disease management, but one of the clinics most impressive offerings is her vision therapy program and facility. None of us had ever seen such a large and full-scope area dedicated solely to vision therapy which included large screen 3D TV training programs, syntonic phototherapy, and one-on-one in office oculomotor activities. We ended our day discussing what optometry means to Dr. Janprett Bedi and how she incorporates her profession into her daily life. This was an amazing experience and we truly appreciate everything the staff at Listowel Vision Care for their community as well as the optometry profession! Thank you so much for all of your contributions to the practice of optometry and for being such an inspiring practitioner.

Left to Right: Justine Harris (3rd Year), Stuart Bennett (3rd Year), Dr. Janprett Bedi, Anthony Mok (1st Year), Angeline Hong (1st Year), Nicole Maione (3rd Year)