UW Mentorship: Dr. Frigault

Authors: Shalina Amlani, Ria Sciadas, and Trevor Waines

Over the Christmas holidays, we had the opportunity to visit Dr. Danielle Frigault at Rockland Optometry (in the East end of Ottawa). When we arrived, we were given a tour of the office and the dispensary by the office manager, Julie Belisle. Their office does all their own edging to reduce turnaround time for glasses and, as you can see from the photo, they have a very large dispensary with a wide range of frame choices for all their patients. With respect to eye exams, they have a visual field machine in office as well as an optomap, which is routine with all eye exams instead of using a fundus photo. Rockland Optometry is also unique in that they have an ophthalmologist who sees patients in office once a month. This is great for Dr. Frigault’s elderly population who might not be able to travel for consults and follow-up appointments downtown.

Dr. Frigault built her office from scratch and did an amazing job maximizing patient flow through her office. She describes the office as a racetrack design with lots of different ways to travel through the office to avoid bottlenecking during busy times. She also has great plans for expansion! The basement of the office is currently unfinished and she hopes to set up sports vision training in the near future. She currently has 3 exam rooms up and running but she plans on completing 2 more as she expands her practice.

We had a great time visiting with Dr. Frigault and definitely learned a lot! Both her and her office manager were amazing and we look forward to keeping in touch with them in the future! Thank you for hosting us for your first mentorship visit!