UW Mentorship: Dr. Gall

Authors: Courtney Fan, Madilyne Kevany, Amanda Stout & Angela Zhang

Our mentor for this year’s CAOS mentorship program was Dr. Ronald Gall who practices in Oakville, Ontario at a clinic called the “Oakville Centre for Vision”. Dr. Gall offers three levels of full comprehensive eye exams starting with the basic eye exam, followed by the basic eye exam with Optomap imaging, and finally the Complete Digital Eye Exam, which comprises of the basic eye exam, OCT, Optomap, FDT-Visual field, glaucoma screening, antioxidant scoring, and blood pressure. None of us had ever seen the antioxidant scoring equipment before and were all very much intrigued by its ability to detect the level of antioxidants absorbed in the skin, which is supposed to approximate the level of carotenoids in the macula and so is relevant to diseases like AMD. We were blown away by his beautiful frame studio and impressed by the large vision therapy area. We also enjoyed chatting about practice management tips and the future direction of optometry in Canada. He offered some advice for success: 1) Practice independent optometry 2) Join a (buying) group, since there is greater weight to the combined voices of independent optometrists working together 3) Follow your passions; in specialization and in general for life 4) Never stop learning. Many thanks to Dr. Gall for a lovely afternoon!

Optometry students discuss eyecare issues over lunch with Dr. Gall in Oakville, Ontario on November 19, 2016. Pictured from left, standing, Courtney Fan, Dr. Gall, Angela Zhang & Jonathan Dinh; and sitting, Madilyne Kevany & Amanda Stout. (Photo Credit: Oakville Club)

Jonathan Dinh (4th year optometry intern) gives a clinic tour to Mentorship participants from left: Angela Zhang (1st year), Madilyne Kevany (1st year) and Amanda Stout (4th year). (Photo Credit: Courtney Fan)

Jonathan Dinh, 4th year optometry intern, (right) performs antioxidant scoring on Courtney Fan, 3rd year optometry student. Antioxidant scoring can help estimate the amount of carotenoids in the body which may be relevant for diseases such as age-related macular degeneration. (Photo Credit: Angela Zhang)

Dr. Gall (right) gives students a demonstration of his Vision Therapy room. Optometry student, Angela Zhang, pictured on left. (Photo Credit: Courtney Fan)