UW Mentorship: Dr. Hagedorn

We had a great time getting to take a look around with Dr. Hagedorn and Dr. Ball’s practice! We got to check out their frame gallery, where we discussed patient flow, and the different incentives they used to bring sales in this section. We also got to explore the exam lanes and look at the different set-ups and equipment that each room offers. This was great because we got to see different technology and softwares that are not used at school. We learned about how long the typical exam is in this practice, and how they billed for the various types of exams. They showed us their pre-testing set up, and their new shiny OCT machine as well. Finally we discussed the rewards as well as the challenges of running and working in a private practice setting. Our group of five certainly learned a lot from Dr. Ball and Dr. Hagedorn and we thank them for taking the time to chat with us and show us around!