UW Mentorship: Dr. Hansen

Our group had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Joan Hansen’s practice at the Tsawwassen Optometry Clinic during winter break. Upon entering the clinic, we could clearly see first-hand the thought that was given to ensure exceptional patient care. The welcoming layout of the dispensary and careful set-up of the examination rooms were testaments to the consideration of the doctors and staff in making visitors feel taken care of and at home. Each exam room was outfitted according to the personality of the doctors – patients are greeted with smiling family photos and cheerful holiday decorations as soon as they walk through the doors. We were impressed with the advanced and up-to-date equipment at the practice, which were specifically chosen for their accurate results and ease-of-use. Other services, such as lens edging and tracing, allows for immediate and convenient glasses pickup for patients. With outstanding customer care and service, it’s no wonder that Dr. Hansen and her team have been serving the Tsawwassen community for over 35 years!

We were also fortunate to hear of Dr Hansen’s journey as an optometrist; she told us about her decision to enter this profession, her time at the University of Waterloo, and her decision to open her own practice in a city she had never lived in before. Although we have had some knowledge about the changes that optometry has undergone in Canada, it was nonetheless enlightening to hear about the challenges and impacts that optometrists have had to experience in recent years. The mentorship visit was nothing short of inspirational – we are grateful for Dr. Hansen’s generosity and willingness to share her own experience!

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