UW Mentorship: Dr. Hill

Authors: Abigail Gaw, Blessy Mikhail, Juan Giraldo, Kaitlyn Sinclair, Tristyn Lautner

We had a fantastic afternoon visiting and meeting with the doctors of Ancaster Eye Clinic, where we met our mentor, Dr. Kathleen Hill. This was a great experience for all of us. Upon first arriving to the clinic, we were instantly greeted by the friendly staff. The reception area of the clinic was beautiful; as a patient entering the office for the first time, I would have known I was in good hands by their immaculate attention to detail and beautiful, professional office. There was so much character in the office, including a fireplace in one of the exam rooms that gave the place extra charm! The office was very spacious and modern, including a full lab in the basement! Dr. Hill shared some of her experiences as an optometrist, and talked to us about some interesting cases, including the OCT images of patients she had seen in her time at the clinic. Dr. Hill’s ability to follow her patients and see their progression over time with the help of the OCT showed us how beneficial it is to patient care to keep your office up to date on technology. Lastly, we had the opportunity to meet with the group of practitioners at the Ancaster Eye Clinic for lunch. It was awesome to hear the different perspectives and practicing styles of the doctors, and to talk with them about different aspects of optometry, including the clinical, business and patient management side of optometry. Thank you to Dr. Hill and colleagues for a fantastic afternoon!

Abigail (2nd year), Blessy (1st year), Juan (1st year), Dr. Hill, Kaitlyn (3rd year), Tristyn (3rd year)