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UW Mentorship: Dr. Hill

By: Marie Sarabusky and Carmen Continisio

Through the CAOS mentorship program we had the opportunity to meet Dr. Misener and her team at the Ancaster Eye Clinic. The Ancaster Eye Clinic offers full service optometric care with services ranging from primary care to myopia control and contact lenses. The optometrists are all very involved in the community with Dr. Misener providing eye care at the Pan Am Games in Hamilton. Dr. Hill and Dr. Akhter are members of the Hamilton District Society of Optometrists while Dr. Brown holds the title of Co-President.

At our visit we were given a tour of the office by Dr. Hill and then discussed some of the more complicated cases that the clinic has encountered with Dr. Hill, Dr. Brown and Dr. Akhter. However discussing AMD and retinal vascular diseases can build up an appetite so we continued the conversation over briyani and garlic naan. Once we had reached the chicken tikka masala, saag paneer and tandoori chicken the conversation had taken on more of a business tone. The doctors had plenty to say on what goes on outside the confines of Waterloo. We were dispensed some very useful information on what it takes to run an office, incorporating yourself and tips and tricks for paying off those pesky student loans.

Overall the mentorship program offered us an incredible experience. The optometrists were able to offer invaluable insight into what awaits us outside of these four walls. It saddens us knowing that one day we will be leaving the city of Waterloo forever but seeing the Ancaster eye clinic gives us hope, and hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and that makes us excited about our future careers in the field of optometry.


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