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UW Mentorship: Dr. Joe Hoja

Written by Aliya Shafi, Eric Leung, and Jessica Wong

We had the pleasure meeting virtually with Dr. Joe Hoja, the owner of Peterborough Optometric Centre. He shared his wealth of experience from his 32 years of practice, including discussing his unique practice format centred around delegation and teamwork, how he decides what technology to bring to his practice next, and tips and resources on how to maximise a practice.

Dr. Hoja discussed the unique cutting-edge technology he utilizes in his office such as the AdaptDx Dark Adaptometer and the Optikam. He is the first eye care provider in Canada to offer AdaptDx which helps his diagnosis and monitoring of AMD.

Dr. Hoja also provided insight into various practice management groups and his experiences with them. Learning about these groups and Dr. Hoja’s unique practice set-up fuelled our interest in learning more about practice management and applying this knowledge in the future.

His practice is set up to delegate so much that he only does the medical side of the exam while a tech does the refraction! It was very interesting to learn about how he managed to make that work and how he trained his team to accomplish this.

As a practice owner who continues to modernize and evolve his practice, meeting with Dr. Hoja and learning all about his practice geared for change has inspired us as optometry students who hope to succeed in practice in the years to come.

A huge thank you to CAOS for setting up this mentorship opportunity for us!


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