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UW Mentorship: Dr. Kelly Lee

Written by Kevin Dang (3rd year)

I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Kelly Lee at her own practice, Tonic Eye Care & Vision Therapy, located in Midtown Toronto. It was an insightful experience to be able to tour her clinic and observe how the three services of primary care, vision therapy and optical dispensing work simultaneously and harmoniously in her practice.

As a third year student with a special interest in pediatrics and vision therapy, I was fortunate to be able to learn about what it was like for Dr. Lee to build her own optometry and vision therapy clinic, especially at the start of the COVID pandemic. Dr. Lee emphasized how completing a residency program at the Pacific University College of Optometry in Portland, Oregon provided her with invaluable knowledge and experience within the area of vision therapy, rehabilitation, and pediatrics, which she uses in her practice. She also gave insight into how beginning work as an associate, and providing value through her additional training, helped her become established within the field and allowed her to find more success when she decided to start up her own practice.

Of note, Dr. Lee also spoke about the value of spreading out to new locations and sources of information to obtain different perspectives and methodologies that one can then combine and use within their own practice.

Special thanks to Dr. Kelly Lee and the staff at Tonic Eye care as well as CAOS for arranging this informative mentorship session!

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