UW Mentorship: Dr. Lennox

Authors: Emma Carroll, Katie Chan & Matthew Czikk

We had an incredible experience at Cambridge Eye Care! We learned a great deal about practice management strategies and tips on running a successful private practice from Dr. Lennox. For example, we learned about the importance of stocking many sunglasses, to improve prescription and non-prescription sunglass eye protection. It was interesting to learn how many patients purchased non-prescription glasses (e.g. blue light filters), and it was exciting to see the large public interest in comprehensive and thorough eye protection.

Another interesting feature was that contact lens merchandise was displayed to the public, which allows the patients to view the wide selection that the office has in stock to choose from. Often contact lenses are kept in a back storage room where they are hidden from view and the patients don’t get to view the selection.

Dr. Lennox’s practice also held a Black Friday sale for glasses and sunglasses, which I thought was a fantastic idea. They used social media to promote the sale they were having and ended up having a very successful day selling eyewear. I have never heard of other optometry practices doing this, but not only is it a great way for the practice to sell glasses, patients also can get good quality frames along with professional help for a cheaper price than normal.

One thing that really stood out was that prescription eye drops were left on display out in the open where patients can easily see them. This is a great idea to allow the patients to leave the examination with their prescription and pick up the eye drops they may need right at the office rather than go to the pharmacy and struggle to find the exact eye drops they need.

Overall, it was a phenomenal visit at Cambridge Eye Care! We are extremely indebted for Dr. Lennox’s invaluable mentorship, guidance and insight in running a successful private practice!