UW Mentorship: Dr. Lennox

Authors: Yan Li, Shalina Amlani, Madison Dors, Tristyn Lautner, Halina Li

Our visit with Dr. Beth Lennox at Cambridge Eye Care was such an educational and enjoyable experience! Dr. Lennox had just moved offices and so we got to ask her some of the “ins and outs” of designing your own clinic. She told us why she chose certain design elements and how they helped with the patient flow through the office. An example was having her contact lens training room in the middle of the office with a sliding door on either side. This enables the doctor to see how a patient is doing without disrupting patients in the pretesting rooms. Another was making the back lab room a bit smaller to encourage staff to spend less time in the lab and more time on the floor interacting with patients.

At Cambridge Eye Care they display all of their contact lenses, pharmaceutical drops, and other merchandise in the frame gallery so patients can clearly see what all is offered at the clinic. Dr. Lennox stressed the importance of the pager system they use, explaining that it helps her stay on schedule. Another very impressive aspect of Cambridge Eye Care is the very large selection of sunglasses.

Finally, we sat down in the back of the office and talked with Dr. Lennox over dinner. We discussed what it was like to become a practice owner so early in her career, the Corneal Cup Hockey Tournament that takes place at the University of Waterloo every year (Dr. Lennox graduated from UW) and everything in between. She reminded us that our hard work in school would pay off because the career at the end was extremely worthwhile. This was the perfect motivation to get us in the mindset for our upcoming final exams.

Left to right: Dr. Beth Lennox, Yan Li, Shalina Amlani, Madison Dors, Tristyn Lautner, Halina Li