UW Mentorship: Dr. MacAlpine

Authors: Molly Lin, Alexander McKeen, David Truong & Felicia Yong

After a tour of the site, we had a sit down discussion on a plethora of topics ranging from tips on how to counsel patients on their options for glasses to different EMRs & Buy-in Groups available to recent and upcoming developments in the field of optometry as a whole. We learned about how to justify the cost of bringing in new staff or office equipment as well as how to approach GPs and other ODs in your area, especially when starting up. Having spent a lot of time in the USA, we contrast the difference from practice over there to being in Ontario. Dr. MacAlpine had a lot to offer in terms of advice for post-graduation as well as how to deal with a lot of the challenges we face as optometrists.

Dr. MacAlpine offers advice to optometry students on how to run a private practice during a Mentorship visit in Aurora, Ontario on January 14th, 2017. (Alexander McKeen)

Optometry students, from left, David Truong (3rd year), Molly Lin (2nd year) & Felicia Yong (3rd year) bid farewell to Dr. MacAlpine (pictured right). (Alexander McKeen)