UW Mentorship: Dr. McNeill

Authors: Diana, Tori, Allison, Anysia

Dr. McNeill is a very recent grad from Waterloo. She already owns her own business and because she went through the process so recently, she shared with us a lot of good tips on how to go from a school environment to a business owner. She is a hard worker that is working on building her practice. She manages a lot of the business side of the office as she is seeing patients and only has two staff members. She answered many of our questions from CE credits to getting small business loans and how to use professionals like accountants and lawyers.

She spent a lot of her time sharing which equipment she bought and what is helpful in a private clinic environment compared to the school environment. She also talked about her own personal exam flow compared to the school flow to give us another view on how to practice in private practice. We also learned a lot about how to refer patients when we are unsure of what we are seeing because we were concerned and interested about that part of practice.

It was also interesting to learn how her clinic functions as she has an optician and another optometrist who work in the same building, however, everyone has their own set of staff members and looks after their own overhead. This was very interesting to learn about none of us have heard of an environment like this before, and it opened our eyes to another option in our future.

Thank you Dr. McNeill for taking the time out of your busy schedule to show us around, we truly appreciate it!

CAOS Mentorship Visit 2017 with Dr. Suzanne McNeill [left to right] Diana (2nd year), Tori (2nd year), Dr. Suzanne McNeill (2015 UW grad), Allison (1st year), Anysia (2nd year)

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