UW Mentorship: Dr. McNeill

Authors: Komal Patel, Kelsey Lindskog, Marie Anjela and Arvin Rajamohan

Visiting Dr. Suzanne McNeill at Crown Point Optometry in Hamilton was a fantastic experience! Dr. McNeill bought this practice two years ago and is already shaping it into her own. We were given a tour of her clinic and learned about all of the latest technology and services she provides for her patients, as well as challenges she faces as a business owner. Within the same unit of her clinic is the Optical Factory, which is an optical offering patients a wide selection of fashionable frames to choose from.

Dr. McNeill’s office is equipped with an autorefractor, non-contact tonometer, frequency doubling technology perimeter, and an Optomap. This technology allows Dr. McNeill to better manage and treat her patients’ eye conditions. She has also started to incorporate vision therapy in her practice, which she is looking forward to growing and developing. Switching from paper files to an EMR has been something that has made her practice that much more efficient.

It was especially nice to chat with Dr. McNeill about her time at UWaterloo Optometry and contrast it with our current experiences at school. It was especially interesting to hear about her VOSH trip to Paraguay during her time at the school. Growing up in Montreal, Dr. McNeill is fluent in both English and French. Consequently, she is able to offer bilingual vision services and sees many French speaking patients. Dr. McNeill provided many insightful pieces of advice that we will definitely carry with us in our futures. A great thank you to Dr. McNeill for the wonderful visit!

Komal Patel (3rd year), Kelsey Lindskog (3rd year), Dr. McNeill, Marie Anjela (2nd year) and Arvin Rajamohan (1st year)