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UW Mentorship: Dr. Melisa Siragusa

Written by James Nah & Lena So

Nobleton Optometry, opened in 2014 by Dr. Melisa Siragusa, is a private practice in which two of her associates and herself provide full-scope comprehensive eye exams and a high-end dispensary. Her office includes a wide range of technology to enhance the ocular examination, such as a Medmont topographer, retinal camera, and humphrey visual field. Dr. Siragusa had a variety of rich experiences she has had with her time in working as an optometrist in a variety of sectors. She shared the differences and similarities, as well as the pros and cons of working as a side-by-side with an optical, working with an ophthalmologist, and finally in the different aspects of opening up her own private practice at what is now Nobleton Optometry. Dr. Siragusa emphasized the importance of providing specialized services, such as myopia control and dry eye treatments in her office to differentiate her practice from other local opticals and clinics. She provided very helpful advice to us, to potentially become entrepreneurs and open up our own private practice in the future. It was really interesting seeing all the different sides of what optometry can be, and the practical tips that Dr. Siragusa provided for when we graduate were immensely helpful and illuminating.


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