UW Mentorship: Dr. Monteiro

Authors: Jocelyn Leung, Shivani Mathur, Jessica Skillen & Wissam Roy-Toutounji

Dr. Monteiro welcomed us into her office with opened arms, showing us around the different aspects of her office that she started cold. With her vast knowledge and experience as a business owner, she was able to share lots of valuable tips and tricks to improve us as a clinician and business personnel. After the office tour, we headed to the café next door and where we were able to have an engaging chat about where our profession is heading and how to enter into the field as a new graduate. Hearing her perspective about getting involved in the community and how she manages her office provided great insight into the future for us. Dr. Monteiro is truly inspiring and passionate about her work, ensuring to providing the best care possible for her patients.

Optometry students discuss eyecare issues at a local eatery with Dr. Monteiro in Burlington, Ontario on January 21st, 2017. Pictured from left, Jessica Skillen, Shivani Mathur, Dr. Monteiro, Wissam Roy-Toutounji & Jocelyn Leung.