UW Mentorship: Dr. Nikolakakis

Authors: Laura Chan, Jyotika Bedi, Jessalyn Wong, and Karanveer Kamra

Nestled in the heart of GTA, Mind’s Eye Optometry is a subspecialty neuro-vision care practice. We were all impressed by the efficient use of every corner of the multi-level practice filled with the most up-to-date equipment and unique optical brands. We were welcomed by an amazing multi-professional staff team that was comprised of registered opticians, vision therapists, and office managers. The main floor has two full exam lanes, a dispensary, and a diagnostics room.

The lower level of the practice is dedicated to their expanded interest in neuro-vision care. Dr. Nikolakakis was very excited to provide us with a hands-on experience during the mentorship. He demonstrated how to conduct diagnostic tests and treatment exercises related to perception that we had not encountered before. Complications in neuro-vision could be extremely debilitating, such as limiting how long a child could focus on an attentional task. From simulating before and after conditions, we quickly understood how effective neuro-visual evaluation and vision therapy could improve quality of life for patients. Alongside Dr. Nikolakakis, a psychology student is also present to provide further support in this area.

Dr. Nikolakakis is very knowledgeable, experienced and passionate in what he does. In addition to fundamental approaches such as improving visual acuity and ensuring ocular health, his clinic delves further into neuro-vision and its implications are significantly beneficial from a patient perspective. We had a fulfilling and invaluable learning experience through this mentorship, and were inspired to consider incorporating neuro-vision in our future practices.

Optometry students, from left, Laura Chan (3rd year), Jyotika Bedi (3rd Year), Jessalyn Wong (2nd year), and Karanveer Kamra (3rd year) after their Mentorship visit with Dr. Nikolakakis in Etobicoke, Ontario on December 19th, 2017