UW Mentorship: Dr. Sgro

Authors: Kopikaa Easwaran, Jessica Chong and Rahul Joshi

Dr. Sgro’s office is located in midtown Toronto in a spacious unit on the 7th floor. We were welcomed into her clinic by a friendly fourth year student and receptionist. Upon entering her clinic, we saw a beautiful dispensary with a wide range of designer frames for all ages! Her office provides thorough pre-testing as Dr. Sgro equipped her practice with a Humphrey Perimeter, and OCT/fundus camera. While giving us a tour of her office, Dr. Sgro explained that she had strategically set up a contact lens fitting station next to a large window to allow patients to have sufficient natural lighting, while enjoying the nice view during their contact lens appointments.

Dr. Sgro started off her career working at an ophthalmic office and spoke of the importance of inter-professional relationships. She discussed the importance of reaching out to other health care providers to broaden the scope of her practice. She provided us with her insight on starting a new practice and highlighted the importance of choosing the right location and space that works with the vision of the practice we aspire to have.

Overall, Dr. Sgro is a passionate and dedicated optometrist who reiterated the importance of serving our communities to the best of our abilities! Dr. Sgro strongly believes in the profession moving more towards the medical model and aspires to provide the latest services to provide the best care for her patients. We really appreciated her advice and support and we would like to thank Dr. Sgro for spending her afternoon with us!

Dr. Janice Sgro, Kopikaa Easwaran (1st Year), Jessica Chong (1st Year), Rahul Joshi (3rd Year)