UW Mentorship: Dr. Sgro

Authors: Tanya (NECO), Lena So, Amina Collaku, Uyen Nguyen

Dr. Janice Sgro warmly welcomed us into her office, located on the seventh floor in midtown Toronto. We were greeted by her receptionist and admired the vast array of frames and sunglasses presented in the dispensary. The waiting area was very spacious to allow patients and family members to sit comfortably. Dr. Sgro’s office includes two exam rooms, pre-testing equipment, Humphrey Perimeter, and OCT to provide full-scope comprehensive eye exams to her patients.

Dr. Sgro has practiced for over 25 years in Toronto. She shared her experiences with us, starting off working as an associate and now as an owner of a private practice for 10 years. She described the difficulties of being a new grad and the importance of promoting ourselves in the community as optometrists. Dr. Sgro provided us with insight on starting a new practice, and alternative options to buy-in to an existing practice. She emphasized the importance of location, and developing inter-professional relationships to better manage patients’ overall health. Dr. Sgro truly enjoys her work as an optometrist, and the flexibility in her schedule allows an appropriate balance between her personal and professional life.

Dr. Sgro is a passionate and enthusiastic optometrist who enjoys mentoring and teaching students. She strongly believes in providing the best quality services to patients of all ages and practicing the full scope of optometry. We really appreciate Dr. Sgro for her time and the valuable advice she has given us!

Tanya (1st year from NECO), Lena So (1st Year), Dr. Janice Sgro, Amina Collaku (1st Year), Uyen Nguyen (3rd Year)