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UW Mentorship: Dr. Sheldon Butler

We had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Shelton Butler’s office, which is located in the Rideau Centre in Ottawa ON. Dr. Butler’s office is a side by side with Lens Crafters and he owns multiple other offices with the same business model within the city. This was a great learning opportunity for us! Were able to gain an understanding of what a side by side business model was all about as well as hear from Dr. Butler regarding his experience owning multiple practices.

Dr. Butler was a great mentor; encouraging questions about optometry but also getting to know us better as people and not just optometry students. Dr. Butler did a great job answering all of our questions and encouraged us to continue to communicate with him in the future. We both plan on practicing in Ottawa after finishing school so it was nice knowing we had another connection in the city.

We really appreciated Dr. Butler taking the time to meet with us. It was a valuable learning experience for both of us and we hope to cross paths again with him in the future! Thanks Dr. Butler!


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